About Us

AIGAT started laser engraving in 2019. AIGAT focuses on laser engraving, souvenirs and gifts on materials such as metal, wood, glass, leather and others. The range of services offered includes laser engraving on the souvenirs, laser engraving of bottles, decanters and glasses, travel mugs, blankets, etc. Our company's main goal is to build long-term partnerships with our customers in order to successfully meet their challenges.

The main advantages of laser engraving:

-High precision. The image is so detailed that the finest work can be carried out.

-Aesthetically pleasing. These images have a wonderful, neat appearance.

-Durability. A laser-drawn image can last almost forever. While many other patterns made by other methods wear out over time, this is not the case with laser engraved text.

-The risk of deformation of the object is eliminated by the fact that it is not heated during processing and does not need to be fixed.

-The cost of the finished product is lower than that of products made by hand or other methods. Automation of production makes it possible to fulfil mass orders. In addition, production times are reduced.

-Versatility. Laser engraving can be used on almost all types of materials.

We are not intermediaries and we have our own production facilities, so we can always offer you attractive prices and the shortest delivery times.

 -High quality work;

- The shortest possible lead times;

- Individual approach to each customer.

- Wholesale prices for bulk orders

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